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Take In The Sights of the New York City Skyline

The New York City Skyline is perhaps the most breathtaking and inspiring in all of the world. From the cloud piercing highrises to the way the lights illuminate a night’s sky, there’s nothing quite like the backdrop of the big apple. However with the hustle and bustle of the city, it’s almost easy to forget about the structures and landmarks that make the city so great. Luckily, there is this handy New York City skyline guide to get all of your facts straight.

New York City Skyline Stats and Facts

New York City is already home to some of the world’s most imposting and revolutionary skyscrapers. But soon we’ll be able to stare in awe at the wonders of such buildings as 432 park and World Trade Center’s 2 & 3. In fact, by 2020, New York City is going to be home to more than 12 1000-foot structures. That’s pretty impressive considdering New York City is only 13.4 miles long and 2.3 miles wide.

However, if it’s the classics you’re after, then the New York City skyline has some of the most grounbreaking skyscrapers of all-time. From the Art Deco to the post modern, the New York City skyline features all of the architectual styles you can think of. Looking for a trip back to the 1930’s? Behold the Empire State Building. Feeling patriotic? Hop on the four train, get off at Fulton and take in all the glory of One World Trade Center.

Whether you’re a tourist or you’ve been living in New York City your entire life, there is always somthing new to explore in the landmarks,bridges, and buildings. So, if you’re looking for the best buildings or sightseeing spots around the cit, head over to the link at the top of the page. There, you’ll find everything you’ve ever wanted to know about the New York City skyline.

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