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Best Books Like 50 Shades of Grey

best books like 50 shades

After devouring the first fifty shades of Grey books, you’re probably looking for more. Here are some recommendations. The Breathless trilogy, Anais Nin’s Delta of Venus, Knight by Kristen Ashley, and Bared to You by Sylivia Day are among the best books like 50 shades of Grey out there. If you’re unsure about what genre to read next, you’re in luck!

Breathless trilogy

The Breathless trilogy is a New York Times bestselling series written by Maya Banks. In this book, we follow the lives of two men who have never met. Mia Crestwell is the little sister of their best friend, Jace, and Gabe Hamilton, the son of their best friend and business partner. Although Gabe has always been attracted to Mia, he’s avoided her. But when he sees her entering the ballroom of their new hotel, his heart begins to beat faster than the rest. The two of them are unable to resist their feelings for one another and soon find themselves inseparable.

Anais Nin’s Delta of Venus

The preface to Anais Nin’s Delta of Venus promises an engrossing series of sexual encounters, but what is it exactly? This novel is a work of literary erotica, and Nin is the queen of literary erotica. Her characters are vibrant and unforgettable, and the prose evokes the essence of female sexuality. It’s a book that’s bound to provoke a response from readers.

The book’s narrator, a former teen, says that she hoped to see the finished product. However, as she climbs the staircase, she becomes trembling. While she doesn’t know his name, the book is replete with scenes of lawless desire, and a strong sense of lust. In fact, it’s hard to imagine that Delta wasn’t already trembling from her lust.

Although Nin was partially French, she was of Cuban and French descent. She was born in Paris, but spent much of her childhood in various parts of Europe. After leaving school, Nin lived in New York, where she wrote diary entries and was later married to a French man. The couple lived in New York for a time and later moved to France. After their marriage, they settled in Paris. The novel is divided into four parts, each one with their own underlying themes.

Knight by Kristen Ashley

The book series is full of great romantic comedies, and The Knight by Kristen Ashley is no exception. As with the original Fifty Shades series, the story follows the story of a woman named Anya Gage. She works hard to achieve the things she wants. One day, she goes to a party and meets Knight Sebring. She has some idea of what Knight looks like, but that’s not enough to keep her from wanting him.

It’s not surprising that the book is set in the present, with a biker man who’s sexy and wealthy. This guy is no angel, and neither does Anya. But the book is set in the present, and the story revolves around how a former police officer decides to make her dreams come true. This modern-day version of 50 Shades of Grey is very similar in plot, with Knight being a very cynical and dangerous Alpha.

Bared to You by Sylivia Day

If you are looking for an erotic novel that will keep you turning pages, Bared to You by Sylivio Day might be just what you’re looking for. This erotic novel centers on a complicated relationship between two twenty-something protagonists, each of whom has a history of abuse. It’s a good choice for fans of erotic fiction and contemporary romance.

Stuck-Up Suit by Cocky Bastard

The first page of Stuck-Up Suit by Cockley Bastard had me swooning. As the story begins, Soraya Venedetta, a gorgeous Italian woman living in Brooklyn, is working as the assistant to an Ask Ida column. She meets a gorgeous man in a suit. Though they are complete opposites, Soraya cannot take her eyes off him. But, what can she do?

After by Cocky Bastard

The sequel to After by Cocky Bastard, Stuck Up Suit, is the next book in this romantic comedy series. In this one, a businessman named Ethan falls in love with Brynne when he buys her a nude portrait. The two become obsessed with each other, as Ethan is determined to win her heart and earn her trust. If you loved the first book in the series, then you should definitely check out the next in the series.

Fifty Shades of Grey has become a bestselling novel. If you’ve read it, then you’ll want to read more romantic novels. The Fifty Shades series includes all three books. You’ll find steamy scenes and fantastic writing in the third book, After. After by Cocky Bastard is among the best books like 50 shades. These books are perfect for lovers of romantic fiction.

Naked by Meridith Wild by Erica Hathaway

“Naked” is the first book in the Hacker Series by Meridith Wild, which follows the lives of two ambitious women who fall in love with controlling billionaire Blake Landon. In this story, Erica tries to get her fashion social network off the ground when she meets the renowned hacker Blake Landon. As he pursues Erica, she struggles to keep a dark secret from her past.

The author lives with her two children in Colorado. She writes erotic romance novels at night while her children are asleep. Her husband helps with the marketing of her novels. She often works late into the night to finish her latest novel. In “Naked,” she finds that balancing her life is difficult. She struggles to keep her children, her career, and her family life in balance.

Blake and Erica’s sexual relationship is essentially a continuation of the story from book one. Blake has always had non-vanilla sex, but he is hesitant to dominate Erica after years of abuse. Erica, on the other hand, is the only character in the book who has ever completely dominated a woman. As a result, Erica is reluctant to let Blake dominate her, but she wants to control him, too.

Crossfire by Erica Hathaway

If you love the feel of steamy and passionate love scenes, you should consider picking up a copy of Crossfire by Erica Hathaway. This four-part series follows the love life of a Harvard graduate and CEO of a social media fashion website. Eva is the first female CEO, and she is surrounded by two business partners. But she also has feelings for handsome and mysterious Blake, and both of them want to control her. Throughout the book, both of them must work through their complexities and find ways to find love.

In the book, Erica Hathaway has struggled to make it in life, and she tries to do so by setting her sights on her own. But a rumored hacker and billionaire tries to get in the way of her dreams. Erica is ready to marry handsome billionaire Blake Landon, but she finds out his mysterious past. She must face her past to live a happy life with him.

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