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Published on October 1st, 2012 | by Key Reads


Seth MacFarlane to Host the 85th Academy Awards

By Dale Lavine


After writing, directing, and starring in what is thus far the ninth highest grossing film of the year – Ted – Seth MacFarlane has now been honored with the job of hosting the 85th Annual Academy Awards. Why is this such a big deal?


Last year’s host, Billy Crystal, was seen as an “old-school” choice and was feared to be a mass unknown as far as younger audiences were concerned. Where Billy Crystal may have failed last year, it looks as if the Academy is aiming to correct those mistakes with Seth MacFarlane.


It seems an odd choice, definitely, as Seth MacFarlane is known more for his hit television shows like Family Guy, American Dad, and The Cleveland Show rather than creating films (of which he has created only one). Seth MacFarlane is also known for his risqué material when it comes to comedy, something the Academy may have been blind to upon choosing him to host this year’s Academy Awards.


Seth MacFarlane has previously hosted three Comedy Central Roasts, which featured Charlie Sheen, Donald Trump, and David Hasselhoff – in which his segments were particularly applauded for humor.


Speculation is now floating about as to whether or not Seth MacFarlane’s famous animated family, the Griffin’s, will be making an appearance during the award show – along with characters from his other shows, and possibly even the titular character from his smash hit film Ted. The Academy Awards have admittedly been on a downhill slope over the last few years, as newer generations are more concerned with Teen Choice shows and award shows of lesser grandeur than the Academy Awards. Hopefully MacFarlane can start a fire underneath the show’s bottom to get things going again.


MacFarlane also released a video, which can be seen below, in which he tells his father about the good news. His father, while admitting that the Academy Awards hosting gig was a big deal, seemed to be more focused about swim trunks.

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