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Published on November 20th, 2012 | by Key Reads


Write and Live Epically Like Corbett Barr



During my journey on becoming a better writer and blogger, I read up on Corbett Barr’s post on his blog, Think Traffic, called “Write Epic Shit.”  The article answered a reader’s question on how to gain more traffic on to his/her blog and build a bigger audience.  Corbett Barr writes that, “Learning promotional tactics is not the key to building a bigger audience.”  The answer simply lies in “writing epic shit.”  He preaches that we should write things that inspire people, create value, change lives, “blow people away with our usefulness.”  Think about all the blogs you read.  What draws you to them? Is it because they consistently hash the same mediocre material that has been written about 10,000 times?  Or is it because their writing creates this strong connection between you and the reader?  Like the words on the page just seem to magnetize you.  People want to read something that creates an emotional connection between a reader and writer.  Sometimes, they are looking for an escape from their daily lives and just want something to captivate them.


I began to think about this article, and to write epically, don’t we have to live epically as well?  Shouldn’t we work to inspire people, create value, change lives, and blow people away with our usefulness in our own personal lives?  This is especially important when you are a writer.  Living this way can help create a deep well of inspiration to start writing.


So go on a journey to a place where you have never visited before and truly immerse yourself in this place.  Not like a tourist, but seek a deeper experience.  Volunteer either at a local soup kitchen or all the way across the world in a refugee camp.  Break out of the norm and you will not only found inspiration to write (if you are a writer), but enrich others, and especially yourself, when you take the road not taken.


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