Published on June 12th, 2015 | by Key Reads

You Won’t Believe the Difference a Day of Love Makes

This homeless puppy experiences the transformation of a lifetime when some Good Samaritans rescue her from the parking lot she’d been living in.

Zuzi had been living in the wild, afraid and hungry.


When these workers tried to approach her, she was frightened and uncertain of them.


Due to bad experiences with dog catchers and people who worked nearby, Zuzi did not trust the people who came to help her at first. However, with some help from a vet, the dog slowly became comfortable around people.


A few treats helped too!


After a thorough grooming, some food and love, Zuzi looks like a whole new girl!


She now lives a happy life, filled with brushes, rolls in the grass, treats and love.


You should always try to adopt dogs rather than purchase them from puppy mills to help save dogs like Zuzi from sad lives. Save a dog today!

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