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Published on November 14th, 2012 | by Key Reads


Pinterest & Arabella – Expect a Perfect Pinterest Wedding?

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By Alexandra Rosen

I am returning to the subject of Arabella, of The Female Quixote by Charlotte Lennox. Please bear with me as I have a good point here, especially for Pinterest fans.
From reading Arabella’s adventures, I’ve learned one thing: reading too many novels can cause you to have unrealistic expectations. Television and movies were the subsequent arbiters of this death sentence to romance. Reading and watching fictional romances unfold can only lead to unrealistic expectations, and Arabella’s life was no different. She read French romance novels, believing them to be her text books on love. And I suppose if you subscribe to certain methods of thinking, she was right to do so. Arabella met with many a man unworthy of her affections by the standards she had set and scared him off by holding tight to her beliefs. Most of these men were simply guilty of not understanding where she was coming from.

Ladies, I’m warning you right now, setting your bar as high as Arabella did is dangerous. It can lead you to a lot of heartbreak. Gentleman, take a leaf out of Arabella’s cousin Glanville’s book, please. If you’re really truly in love, stick with her and become her ideal man. Otherwise get out of the way of the man who will do this for her.

Now, I’m not warning you, ladies against setting the bar high for your love story. You should set it high: Arabella eventually realized that hers was met gradually by a man willing to meet it. I’m simply saying that you should be prepared for the repercussions of this hope. Your real wedding will not resemble your Pinterest wedding unless you have the money and professionals to make it happen, it’s impossible for everything to go perfectly in every way. Pinterest is the easiest way to set your bar at the nearly unrealistic expectation level. But like my mother always says, unless you know what you want, it will never come to you. So plan your Pinterest wedding but remember to live your life and be happy with reality. Just make your reality the best reality.

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