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Published on April 1st, 2013 | by Key Reads


Listen To Music While Studying For Finals

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Studying for Finals: Apparently it is better to listen to music BEFORE you study, not during studying/ learning.

By Alexandra Rosen
As so many people are ostensibly preparing for, taking or worrying about finals right now, I thought I might proffer a timely tip.  I love studying with music playing in the background. It helps to drown out any noises which might interrupt my studies and provides an atmosphere which my brain has long since recognized as study-time. Now the problem most people might have with this is that while music is conducive to learning and studying, you are NOT going to be allowed your music in a final exam setting–professors seem to frown upon personal music devices for reasons I need not go into. But I will: possible cheating methods, distracting your classmates, etc.
But for those readers not worried about becoming accustomed to needing music when doing school-related activities, or if you just have to write hundreds upon thousands of pages for term papers, then there are a million places to find good study music.
One of my favorites is actually a YouTube channel called Study Music Project.
I also like to use Spotify to listen to custom playlists, one of which is my very own Study Time playlist

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