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Published on September 27th, 2012 | by Key Reads


The Hobbit Trilogy as Escapist Fantasy

the hobbit trilogy

By Alexandra Rosen


All the Tolkien fans know that Peter Jackson is finally making a trilogy of The Hobbit. So, we’re all having little nerdgasms and praying that these movies will possibly top the magnificence that is The Lord of the Rings trio. Or, is that just me?


Anyhow, the adventure of Bilbo Baggins and his thirteen dwarf companions portends to be a wonderful journey with the occasional pop-ins of a favorite wizard, one Gandalf the Grey. Any story with magic and fantastical creatures/beings can be termed escapist, because yes, sometimes we do want to shy away from the dull grey apathy of city life and be in Middle Earth fighting alongside elves and hobbits and dwarves with our swords. Escapist fantasy inspires withdrawal from electronics by helping us idealize what life was like for those who did not have our modern technology.


With Google Inc. keeping pace with Apple Inc. creating apps for everything, it is fitting that many people wish to escape a world that faces cars and buses, let alone self-driving cars. Bill Nye the Science Guy may say they are safe, but is a car that takes the brainwork out of transportation safe for our brains? No, not unless you can read a book while your car drives the road itself. But then, why not just take the bus?


The literature that we respond most strongly to is indicative of the desires of our society. Maybe we should all take a break, sit under a tree, and read about a little hobbit today. Even better, bring a child along and read aloud, because they are our future. Tolkien originally intended The Hobbit as a children’s book anyway!




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