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Published on April 2nd, 2015 | by Key Reads


Why you should be excited for Ryan Reynolds’ Deadpool

Yes, the movie theaters are saturated with comic book movies and rightfully so. They make a ton of money, they already have a massive fan base, and most of the creative ideas are alredy written out for today’s lazy film writers. Hey, I’m not hating on the genre. I love them. There are a ton of great ones, from Guardians of the Galaxy to The Avengers to Nolan’s Batman trilogy. Of course there are some not so hot ones too such as the new Spiderman 3 and Green Lantern.

Which brings me directly to my next point concerning Deadpool and the former lantern himself, Ryan Reynolds. For years, both the actor and public have begged for it. Now, after so much begging, we are getting it and I couldn’t be happier. Hell, many moons ago the script of a proposed Deadpool movie leaked and like the jerk I am, I read it. It was awesomely perfect. Think Tarintino meets a marvel movie.

Of course, I assume the script between then and now have changed greatly. However, I can’t help but feel giddy over what may come for the merc with the mouth. Here’s why I feel that way and you should too.

1. It’s rated R:
This, this is an important one. Unlike, Spiderman or even Batman, Deadpool needs to be rated R. He’s a character so outrageous and violent that a film such as this needs to have no constraints. He needs to be able to be unhinged. Could you imagine how good the Wolverine movies would have been if they were rated R like they needed to be? That’s what we are going to get here and thensome. Trust me, Deadpool isn’t a children’s comic book hero and that’s perfectly ok.

2. Deadpool is a completely different comic book character:
He’s insanely violent. He constantly breaks the fourth wall. And most importantly, he’s the biggest smartass in comics. So many comic book movies and characters take themselves too serious. Look at Superman for example. He’s uptight and something of a giddy too shoes. However, Deadpool knows he’s a comic book character and works with it. Remember, comic books ar supposed to be fun and silly. Except for Batman. Batman can be as dark and brooding as he wants because he’s freaking Batman.

3. It’s the role Reynolds was born to play:
Forget about about movies like The Proposal or The Amityville Horror remake. Imagine Reynolds’ roles in Waiting or Van Wilder. Now imagine him in those roles with a sword and and the most badass costume in comics. That’s what Deadpool is going to be and it’s going to be awesome.

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