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Why Farm Hero Saga Is The Next Candy Crush

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last year then you’ve surely heard of Candy Crush Saga. Actually, chances are that if you have an iOS or Android device, it’s on your phone. The highly addictive game comes to you from King Digital Entertainment, who have quickly become one of the top dogs in the gaming industry.


In addition to the craze that is Candy Crush, King is also responsible for another top charting game that is quickly commandeering the world’s mobile phones: Farm Hero Saga. The game itself plays much like Candy Crush in that a player must create matches on a board. However, it differs in that it includes new art, power-ups, and reward system. But it’s not exactly about how you play the game that makes it so much like Candy Crush or even the layout. It’s the way it makes us feel when we hold it in our hands and play it.


Farm Hero Saga is more than just challenging, it’s as addicting as any trip to the casino. Thats right, the cartoon puzzle game depicting fruits, vegetables, rabbits and raccoons is as stimulating as any sit-down at a slot machine, craps table or roulette wheel. The reason for all of this is actually quite simple. Much like any binge at Vegas, Farm Hero Saga is makes you want come back for more, even after every loss and failure.


Make no mistake about it, Farm Hero Saga is hard. But that’s what makes it so rewarding and fun to play. There comes a certain rush in triumphing over an obstacle you’ve continuously struggled with, even if all it really is is making matches of cute apples and carrots. You could be stuck on a level for weeks, leaving you perplexed and angered. Yet the moment you finally complete the level it’s like you’re on top of the world.


However, also like gambling, there is a danger. King may let you download the game for free, but they also offer you a chance to pay for boosters and power-ups to help you advance through a tough level. This is how they make their money, and this is where that addiction aspect envelops you. There is a simple solution to all of this however.


Forget about the expensive add-ons. You don’t need them. If you’re finding yourself on the farm and stuck in a pickle, simply go to for complete tips, walkthroughs, cheats, and guides.

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