Published on June 15th, 2015 | by Kate Phelan

Watch a Recreation of Psycho with Kittens

A YouTuber has taken to recreating famous movie scenes with his kittens. When he reshoots the infamous shower scene from Alfred Hitchcock’s Psycho, the results are hilarious and adorable!

Each kitten takes a part, with a small striped gold cat playing Janet Leigh as she attempts to take a relaxing shower.


Chanet Leigh is interrupted by Anthony Purrkins and begins to fear for her life with terrible screams or just adorable yawning.


Anthony Purrkins begins to stab Chanet. This is made even more adorable by the obvious toy to make Anthony mimic Norman Bates.


Anthony Purrkins and Norman Bates stalk away proudly, their mission accomplished. Poor Chanet Leigh!

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