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The Titanfall Release is Finally Here


The highly anticipated game of 2014 is here! Titanfall was released today for only Xbox One and PC, and is expected to be one of the biggest hits of the year!

Besides the fact that it comes from the co-creator of Call of Duty, the hype surrounding Titanfall is based on its high-speed, fast-action mulitplayer aspect. The mechanics and its fast-paced shooting mulitplayer game have gamers salivating at the mouth–jumping at the chance to play. The games pace is so much faster than its counterparts, allowing for unlimited sprints and double jetpack jumps–making Titanfall one of the best mulitplayer games ever! And setting the bar for other (future) multiplayer console games alike.

However, critics have been quick to call-out the fact that it lacks any sort of a Single Player mode. Lacking a story-line and plot, and just simply making it a mulitplayer shooter game with small objectives and missions–that are sort of ambiguous.

Only time will tell if this new-style of gaming will be the future of console gaming–or a major fail.

And when you find yourself looking for some guides, tips, info, and walkthroughs–checkout these Titanfall cheats and walkthroughs!

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