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Taken 2 Dominates Box Office, Frankenweenie Falls Short

taken 2 movie poster



By Dale Lavine



‘Taken 2’, the sequel to 2008’s smash hit Taken (starring Liam Neeson), raked in an awesome $117 million (worldwide) during its opening weekend, tossing it to the #1 box office spot, and leaving the rest of October’s release slate with a number to aim for.



Tim Buton’s ‘Frankenweenie’ only pulled in $11.5 million, leaving it well behind a handful of movies that were on their second week run (Hotel Transylvania, Looper, and Pitch Perfect). This comes as a shock, due to the fact that Tim Burton movies are almost always insta-hits and bring in more than their fair share of finance recovery – where ‘Frankenweenie’ has pulled in only some odd 30% of its production budget.



Both Alice in Wonderland and Beetlejuice maintained #1 box office spots for three weekends in a row, so one wonders where Burton missed the mark with ‘Frankenweenie’. It was widely publicized, often showing trailers before numerous movies over the summer, and it retains the classic Burton-esque style that has made so many of his movies hits. Is it possible the era of Burton is at last coming to an end?



In other news, ‘Pitch Perfect’, which starred Anna Kendrick (Up in the Air), rose from the #6 spot to the #3 spot, pulling in close to $10 million more than it brought in last weekend – to be expected, though, when accounting for the fact that the film opened up in only a few hundred theaters during its opening week, compared to a few thousand this past weekend.



October still has a few more weeks to go, though, and with movies like ‘Skyfall’, ‘Cloud Atlas’, and ‘Paranormal Activity 4’ being prepped to ship out later this month – it would seem as though October is set to be one of the higher grossing autumnal box office months this year.



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