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SurfSET Fitness: Indoor Surfing for All Seasons

SurfSET Board
By Trinisha Richardson

As the temperature drops so does the number of fitness options.  We know that it’s important to stay motivated and keep a routine going, but sometimes it’s just hard to keep up with Mother Nature even if you have lots of free time.

SurfSET Fitness is the perfect way to stay fit this season.  This new workout incorporates all of the aspects of actual surfing that keep you in shape minus the beach.

This method of indoor surfing is a challenging workout that appears to be easier than it actually is.  It will make your body work in ways that you aren’t used to to get real results.  According to the official website, the goal is to help users create a “lean, athletic build” similar to that of a surfer.

SurfSET Fitness is a full body workout refraining from isolation with a focus on building core strengthfat burning, and building lean muscle utilizing indoor surfing.  One of the key benefits of SurfSET Fitness is that you can get this workout in the form of a class or in the comfort of your own home.

SurfSET Fitness classes run about 45 minutes per session.  This workout is still on the rise, so there is a chance that the class isn’t near you, but you can check here:

SurfSET Fitness also makes it convenient to learn from home (though I advise taking a class to make sure it’s for you).  You buy your board and resistance equipment, and there are online videos to guide you through it.

The most beneficial thing about SurfSET Fitness is it’s diversity.  It uses both cardio and muscle training to help increase balancestrength, and coordination.  While the realistic nature of it’s indoor surfing is SurfSET Fitness’s key feature, it is not the only.  There are workouts targeting the core, workouts that build strength and lean muscle, and yoga inspired workouts.

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