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My Predictions for the Glee Cast

cast of glee predictions


The hit Fox TV show Glee has been making headlines as it returns with its fourth season. Glee premiered in May of 2009 and has since commandeered a cult following as well as being well received by critics. This season the New Directions crew will be graduating from McKinley High and we can expect some big changes for next season. Lots of gleeks are speculating about what the coming year of Glee will bring but I’m going to think a little bigger. So, here are my predictions for what life will bring the Glee characters in the next 20 years!


My Glee Predictions:


  • Rachel Berry: Rachel finally makes it to Broadway where she enjoys a successful career for several years until the stress overwhelms her and she assaults a stage manager with a prop umbrella. Rachel now resides in Minnesota and stars in musicals at her local community theater. Her other creative outlets include giving voice lessons and writing for her blog “How to Dress Like a 1930s China Doll.”
  • Finn Hudson: Finn took over Kurt’s dad’s car shop and practiced Footloose-esque dance moves on the hoods of the cars when no one was watching. After Kurt’s dad has his second heart attack and cannot return to work Finn realizes that he knows absolutely nothing about cars but has seen Footloose 600 times. Now Finn coaches peewee football and writes inspirational speeches about not giving up which his players can never hear over the sounds of their smart phones.
  • Noah “Puck” Puckerman: He’s in jail. We all knew he’d be in jail.
  • Mr. Schuester: He and Emma live a long, spotlessly clean, sexless life together and Mr. Schue eventually explodes. Emma cannot decide if she is more upset over the death of her husband or the bits of human flesh and sweater vest all over the living room.
  • Sue Sylvester: Sue becomes the first female President of the United States and rules the country with an iron but loving fist.


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