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The Not So Amazing Race: My House

The Amazing Race


The Amazing Race finale is set to air this Sunday, December 9th, on CBS at 8pm. The intense reality game show features teams of two racing around the world and completing wild challenges in the hopes of winning a million dollars. The Amazing Race first aired in the U.S. in 2001 and has since won thirteen Primetime Emmys, taking the “Outstanding Reality-Competition Program” award almost every year since it premiered.


The final episode is said to feature a “Houdini-inspired Roadblock in New York” as well as the contestants hanging 15 stories in the air at the Brooklyn Navy Yard.¬†Host Phil Keoghan is pretty excited for the 21st season’s finale telling ZapIt2, “It’s not so much about the challenges that the teams will encounter in the final leg as it is about the mental stress that they have to endure. In the previous legs, the only thing they needed to worry about was not coming in last. Now, it’s imperative that they come in first. No room for error.”


I have actually devised a game show similar to The Amazing Race. I call it The Not So Amazing Race and it takes place in my gross apartment. It’s actually more like Fear Factor now that I think about it. Anyways, here’s how I see the pilot turning out.


The Not So Amazing Race – The Pilot:


  • The contestants start at midnight in the parking lot of a Wendy’s somewhere and must find their way to my apartment. Some take the bus and are hit on by slobbery college bros. Some rent a bike and arrive covered in sweat and shaking after having several close calls while weaving through traffic.
  • The first challenge consists of the contestants rooting through the mountain of dirty dishes in our sink to find the sole frying pan we own and making me an egg. I expect at least one team to be swallowed up by the garbage disposal. It’s pretty finicky.
  • Those who make it through the first challenge will move on to the second which is checking their email using our ridiculously slow wi-fi. I think we’ll see a lot of frustration and emotional stress here. The teams who don’t turn on each other while staring at the half loaded pages and spinning color wheel will be favored to win.


So, I think it’s going to be a hit. I’m just waiting for a call from CBS.


By Gena Gephart

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