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The Moments That Defined The 90’s


It’s hard to accurately pinpoint any one moment that sums up the 90s! All the TV shows, movies, characters, actors/actresses, toys, music and so many more are all factors in what made the 90s an amazing decade to never want to forget.

Think about all those funny TV shows like Jennifer Aniston and Lisa Kudrow on Friends! The hysterical plot lines with George, Kramer Jerry, and Eliane on Seinfeld. Movies like Robert DeNiro and Joe Pesci in Goodfellas and Casino. The sports stars like Derek Jeter, Michael Jordan, and other champions that brought cities to their feet in applause for the way they played and won. The classic teen movies that showed what it was like to be in high school; movies like She’s All That with Freddie Prince Jr, and TV shows like Dawson’s Creek with Katie Holmes. The toys and electronics like Tamagotchi! People forget that before cellphones, smartphones, and other technology devices–Tamagotchi’s were the first kind of electronic device that kids were attached to all the time!

But with all the new movies, characters, TV shows, actors/actresses, technology and every day life, we forget about all the little things and fads that once made us happy. In the “old days,” people used to use time capsules; people would people stuff in a time capsule and hide it away for ten years, and then re-open it to get a fresh feeling of nostalgia.

Now with evolution of the internet and web-magazines, there is no need for physical time capsules–especially when it comes to the 90’s! Because now there is a website that captures EVERYTHING 90’s. Totally-90s.com has everything that was hot in the 90s, and all the stuff you forgot about over the past 24 years! Come checkout the most rad website that has all the best moments of the 90s!

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