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Logo Quiz Releases iPhone 6 Update

Hot on the heels of its massive design overhaul, Logo Quiz is getting another new update–this time to bring the popular quiz game up to speed with the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus.
With the release of the newest iPhones in September has come a rush of developers frantically updating their apps, so as to be up to date with this latest technology which everyone is falling all over themselves to get. Apple’s iPhone 6 and 6 Plus models feature a much larger display than previous phones the company has produced, and since iPhones are simply the most popular phones in the entire world, developers needed to make sure that their apps were optimized for the bigger displays. Low-resolution images would be more noticeable, and would lead to a drop in user satisfaction–and then revenue.

Though game developer Jinfra may be behind the ball when it comes to punctuality, fans of their hit game Logo Quiz playing on an iPhone 6 or 6 Plus will be pleased to know that on October 28, the company released the first update for the game since September–and it brings Logo Quiz firmly up to date with the latest Apple hardware. There had been reported bugs with Logo Quiz on the new machines, and Jinfra took their time fixing them, presumably now confident that their update will fix all known issues.

This latest update comes almost two months after the update of September 2, which unveiled brand-new content for the game. In April, Jinfra released a total redesign of the game that introduced characters to Logo Quiz, a ninja and his sensei. It’s not known why Jinfra chose these characters for their game, which is mostly unrelated to Japanese culture as a whole, but some have speculated that this is simply because ninjas are very popular in Western pop culture.

For help with Logo Quiz, players can direct their attention to Logo Quiz Answers.

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