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Published on November 11th, 2013 | by Key Reads


Life Style Hints and Help for Seniors Getting More Exposure Online


by Stephen Boyd




There are a growing number of very useful, multi-purpose sites targeting active older folks. Web offerings tailored to the tastes and needs of “seniors” may also provide advertisers with lucrative additional marketing channels. New sites are emerging covering the latest news in entertainment, health, art, leisure, shopping and business – all with a strong focus on the increasingly tech savvy 50 and 60 year olds. Fifteen years ago the “40-something” crowd was learning about e-commerce and navigating their way around the Internet as online activity took off. Now those same folks are “Internet Boomers” and a ripe audience for products and services of all kinds.




Take for example, GreyMatterApps  As the site says, it is devoted to the interests of the “Over 50 Crowd” and among a wide variety of topics, GreyMatterApps touches on entertainment, art, health, finances, vacations, employment, dating, and family matters as they relate to the interests of seniors. Another “seniors” site is RetireWow is primarily a blog as compared to GreyMatterApps’ focus on links and apps. RetireWow consists of frequently updated commentary on wealth management, health, activities, work and relationships – again topics covered at other sites but directed primarily at seniors. There are sub-menus under many of the main topic categories. For example under “health” there is an article under “sports” highlighting the importance of physical activity to enjoying a long and happy life                                                                                             




Similarly, GreyMatterApps also has loads of sub-topic links to sites of relevance to seniors. For example, under the topic of “discounts” there are links to sites providing big savings for seniors including offers from organizations ranging from AARP and Amazon to Zappos and Zulily Discounts and deals for seniors can also be found under other topic categories including cheap gas under the “automotive” ( heading and car rental discounts under the “travel” ( heading. And, speaking of travel, there are more than 20 great links in the travel category specifically related to seniors who want to hit the road in retirement. Expect to see more online offerings for this growing demographic sector. Happy hunting to all you Internet Boomers!




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