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‘Just Opened NY’ Launch!

Screenshot-(92)–a new web-magazine/blog page–launched today, providing readers a new and unique way of harboring the ‘all you need to know’ knowledge about what’s happening in New York City. While most web-magazines and blogs tend to cater to one specific area of content–with New York City being the center-stage focus, provides in-depth coverage and analysis of all corner-stones New York City.

Reader’s are going to find a vast amount of news and insights into New York City’s Fashion, Beauty and Culture scene, as well as keeping set with all the latest Hotels, Bars & Clubs, and Restaurants.
When you open up an article on, you’re going to find some of the most striking photographs of what you’re reading about, providing a stunning visual to the well-spoken dialogue on the page. And while the dialogue is refining and fluid, it doesn’t ever take away from the important details and facts you want and need to know.

Every word and sentence put into an article on is carefully thought, and then re-thought; then typed, and then thought about some more, edited, and then published. The amount of time and effort is a testament to the craftsmanship in writing has come to expect from its top writers in their respective fields. This old and important, but seemingly forgotten style of writing is scarce in the current world of online and web-magazines. aims to bring back that ‘old’ standard of perfectionist writing. And with their Archives section, you will always be able to come back, share, and enjoy all of the articles published on!

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