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Beverly Hills Housewives Brandi Glanville & Adrienne Maloof Feud: What She Said

Adrienne Maloof Real Housewives


Real Housewives of Beverly Hills saw some nasty drama this week after Brandi Glanville apparently let slip some kind of family secret pertaining to Adrienne Maloof. Bravo actually cut the footage that was taken at a dinner party that Adrienne Maloof had not attended but they did show the altercation between Brandi and Adrienne and her husband, after Adrienne was told of Brandi’s treachery.  Of her cast mate Adrienne said, “She seems to be addicted to attention and keeping herself relevant, and I think that’s her goal. Her antics have crossed the line for me.” However, Adrienne will not speak about whatever secret Brandi let slip, saying that she has her children’s privacy and well being in mind.


However Brandi is feeling regret concerning her actions. She blogged on “I said something I shouldn’t have said and I am sorry and I now regret it. My mouth gets me in a lot of trouble, but this time I’ve pissed off the wrong rich person. … No one is perfect. We all make mistakes, and if I could take this back I would.”


I pissed off a rich person once. Apparently, it’s frowned upon to eat two burritos in the car when you’re valet parking. News to me, but whatever.


Anyways, here are my top 5 guesses about what Brandi Glanville spilled the beans about.


Top 5 Guesses About Adrienne Maloof’s Family Secret:


  1.  One of Adrienne’s children was born with a tail. It was too entangled in the nerves for Adrienne’s husband Dr. Nassif to remove and now sometimes when their son is really excited it wags a little.
  2. Adrienne’s husband has a very rare developmental disease and is aging backwards like Benjamin Button. Soon he will be reduced to a raisin-like man baby.
  3. Adrienne has had plastic surgery. Hahaha. Okay, seriously folks.
  4. Adrienne is actually the bastard love child of Dr. Seuss, hence the wacky surname.
  5. Adrienne is not 100% that one of her sons is actually hers. She set him down at the hospital at one point but she’s pretty sure she picked the same one back up. She was on a lot of pain meds. It happens.


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