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7 Healthy Holiday Substitutions!

7 Healthy Holiday Substitutions You Won't Even Notice!

Thanksgiving is over, but that doesn’t mean the Holiday overindulgence is over. In fact, for most of us it is just getting started. Healthy holiday substitutions are the newest fad in holiday health, but is it really worth missing out on the holiday grub? No worries, we’ve got your back! Here are 7 healthy holiday substitutions you won’t even notice!

7 Healthy Holiday Substitutions:

1. Roast sweet potatoes vs candied yams – Yams and sweet potatoes are a big part of the holiday for many people. However, the sugar, syrup, butter and marshmallows that go along with it don’t make it the healthiest of side dishes. This can be especially hard diabetics or people watching their cholesterol. A great way to still get your holiday sweet potato fix is to have roasted or backed sweet potatoes instead of candied yams. You can even still sprinkle a little butter and brown sugar on top.
2. Cider over eggnog – Eggnog is super heavy and high in all sorts of fats and cholesterol. A better holiday alternative is apple cider or wine.
3. White turkey meat over dark – This is a super easy and healthy holiday substitution! Choosing  light meat over dark meat when eating your holiday turkey may not save you a huge amount of calories, but it will save you a few.
4. Skip the white roll, eat the whole wheat roll instead – Just like with turkey, the white rolls are not nearly as good for you as the dark. Choose a whole wheat or grain roll instead.
5. Make your own stuffing – Store bought stuffing is drenched in butter and chock full of preservatives. It also doesn’t really taste that great. Do yourself a favor and make your own stuffing, chances are it will taste better than the store bought stuff and it will be better for you.
6. Bake or grill your veggies – This may seem like a no-brainer, but a lot of families have holiday traditions involving creamy casseroles. Skip the creamed spinach and the creamy green bean casserole, and try baking, grilling, or even sautéing your vegetables in oil.
7. Pumpkin pie vs pecan pie – In knock out fight between pies for which one is the healthiest, pumpkin pie would win hands down. Pumpkin pie is one of the lightest pies out there, so if you have a choice, pumpkin instead of a pecan or cream pie.
These healthy holiday substitutions can be made at almost any dinner table and are so easy no one, including you, will even notice them. If you want more tips for healthy substitutions this holiday, check out this video by fitness guru Amanda Russell.


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