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Published on November 22nd, 2012 | by Key Reads


Four Possibilities For Who Could Play James Bond Next

James Bond

By Dale Lavine

As much as I love Daniel Craig, the most recent – and certainly most lethal – James Bond, I know that his days as Bond will eventually come to a close. His days will end as Brosnan’s did, and studios will be forced to sort through the hundreds of possibilities for the next portrayer of Britain’s greatest spy. Names have popped up here and there, as well as controversy surrounding some names, but we’re going to take a realistic (if not hopeful) look at who could best play Bond after Craig leaves the franchise.


1) Michael Fassbender – Not only does the man have the chiseled good looks to be Bond, he’s also played his fair share of darker roles in films like ‘Shame’ and ‘Prometheus’. Younger than Craig, no doubt, but Fassbender could bring the same level of English suave to the role of James Bond as Craig did, if not add a little more. He looks fresh in anything from casual wear to a tux, and he’s got the European factor under his belt already. How do you think Fassbender would fair as James Bond?


2) Matthew Macfadyen – A lesser known to most American audiences, Macfadyen has seen his share of comedic and more serious roles. He’s got a long history in English theatre, and has acted in a handful of films based on older novels – but does he have what it takes to be Bond? With a little scruff and a haircut, it’s entirely possible. Macfadyen was made relatively famous with roles in ‘Pride & Prejudice’, ‘Death at a Funeral’, and ‘Frost/Nixon’, and we could see him moving up from swords to shooters.


3) Idris Elba – This is where the controversy comes in. Idris Elba is, well, he isn’t caucasian. James Bond, as many have so stated, is caucasian. Thus, there is no possible way for Elba to play James Bond…right? That’s where I disagree. While I do believe it’d be difficult for audiences to adjust to a “black Bond”, I do think Elba is – out of the listed options – the most fit for the role. He’s got brains, he’s got muscle, and he gives off a very gruff aura in his many roles. What makes it so impossible for James Bond to be black? Are his mannerisms – his sexuality, his athleticism, his style – too white for a black actor to correctly convey? That seems to be the issue with most people. James Bond has taken many faces in the last half-century, and it would not only be acceptable – but perhaps welcome – for things to get switched up a bit. Elba has taken on “race bent” roles before, such as Heimdall in ‘Thor’, and he’s already played action roles in television shows like ‘Luther’, which is hugely popular in the UK. The biggest issue with Elba portraying James Bond seems to be, very simply said, the sad fact that blatant racism still exists – and people would for some reason have an issue with Britain’s best spy being black, a seemingly impossible thing in the minds of many.


4) Henry Cavill – He’s your newest Superman, why not make him your newest James Bond as well? Sure, his plate might be a little full if he’s got sequels to next Summer’s ‘Man of Steel’ – even more so if he’s chosen to play Superman in the planned ‘Justice League’ film set for 2015. Schedules aside, Cavill was in talks to play Bond before Craig got the role – but he was deemed too young. That, however, was over half a decade ago. He’s muscular enough to portray a brutal Bond, but he’s also sleek enough to give the character that same handsome, English charisma that Brosnan and Connery brought to Bond.


Henry Cavill and Michael Fassbender are neck-in-neck for second place as far as who I’d like to see as the next Bond, led by Elba in first place. Of course, I don’t want to see Daniel Craig go. Where many were skeptical of his taking the role in the first place, I believe he has more than proven his worth – especially after ‘Skyfall’. But should the day come when Craig can no longer fulfill his duties as Bond, we wouldn’t mind seeing one of the four above take the helm after.

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