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Emoji Meanings Finally Explained

Emoji meanings are some of the most nebulous things to nail down on the Internet. With hundreds of emoji already in use and more being added all the time, it can be somewhat difficult to figure out what each emoji means. But thanks to this handy guide to emoji meanings from Guess The Emoji Answers, we can finally figure out some of the most perplexing emojis on the Internet.

The guide is divided into five categories: people emojis, nature emojis, object emojis, places emojis, and symbol emojis. On the whole, people emojis are a lot less confusing than the other categories, since they’re primarily made of recognizable facial expressions. The biggest revelation to Western emoji users will be that the Asian face is wearing not just any skullcap, but a gua pi mao, which is a traditional Chinese hat worn in the Qing dynasty. The objects emoji meanings will also give Western users some information about dango dumplings from China, a variety of sweet treats made from rice flour.

In fact, most of the emoji meanings in this guide will be helpful for users outside of Japan and China, where the majority of these emoji designs originated. Several symbols are Japanese kanji characters, and the building representing a post office is designated with another Japanese character. Some of the characters are mysterious, and we’re not sure why they were included in the emoji sets at all. Who has ever needed to send the symbol for “Good Value” or “Cut Price”? Are there that many grocers and retail shop owners using emojis every day? Still, we’re thankful that whoever made these emojis took the time to remind us of the obscure zodiac sign Ophiuchus.

Guess the Emoji Answers is a complete guide to Guess the Emoji and other games like it, with answers for every available level. If you’re interested in emojis of any kind, this is one site you’ll want to bookmark.

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