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Published on October 19th, 2012 | by Key Reads


Mythbusting: What You Didn’t Know About Breast Cancer

What you didn't know about Breast cancer

Out of all the medical myths out there, the ones that surround breast cancer are some of the most likely to effect you personally. What you didn’t know about about breast cancer will certainly surprise you, especially considering how prevalent breast cancer is in our society.  Several studies, surveys and polls have been done to find out exactly what misinformation people have about the disease. Here are the facts, and what you didn’t know about breast cancer.


So, what is the first fact you probably didn’t know about Breast Cancer? Your family history of the disease may not be your biggest risk factor. A few years ago, studies came out linking family history and breast cancer. These studies were so publicized, that now over 63% of women think family history is the biggest risk factor for breast cancer. This is simply not true. For women, the biggest risk factor is actually age. As you get older, your body is exposed to more carcinogens and your tissues take damage. This means that, if you live long enough, you will develop some kind of cancer. Age in is the leading risk factor in all kinds of cancers, including breast cancer. Having a family history of the disease can increase your chance of getting it, but it is not your biggest risk factor.


The next fact you probably didn’t know about breast cancer is that, even though breast cancer is the most common type of cancer in women, it is actually not most deadly type of cancer in women. Lung cancer kills far more women a year than breast cancer, mostly because breast is one of the most treatable cancers when caught early. This is why its so important for women to have yearly breast exams after they turn 40.


Another fact most women are unaware of about breast health is that breast self-exams may not actually be the best way to catch breast cancer in the early stages. In fact, most doctors say that getting a yearly mammogram is the most important thing you can do to catch breast cancer early, not breast self-exams. Studies have found that women who regularly do breast self exams are no less likely to die of breast cancer, but they are more likely to under go stressful bi0psoes and tests for benign cysts and breast lumps. Around 80% of the lumps in women’s breasts are non-cancerous. A yearly mammogram will save you and your doctor far more time and stress than weekly or monthly breast self exams.


There are far more myths about breast cancer out there than can ever be written about in one article. Everything from wearing under-wire bras causes breast cancer (patently untrue) to wearing deodorant causes an increase in the disease. What you didn’t know about breast cancer could fill several articles, not to mention all the myths and misinformation you are bombarded with. Ask your doctor for more information about breast cancer and prevention, there are some myths it is not worth perpetrating.



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