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The 5 Emoji Inspired Shorts


Emojis have become an influential part of people’s lives! Everyone is now using them in text messages, emails, tweets, posts on Facebook, and etc.

And now society has begun to see emojis in the form of art. Whether it be on canvas, digital, or on any other platform–emojis have become and influential and muse-like effect on the world of art.

Now Emojis are takin on a new form by inspiring digital short films and other videos on Youtube! Here is a list of the 5 pieces of art work–in film, digital, and canvas!

5. Short on how 20 different emojis are used in ‘real life’

4.And the bloopers that went into making the emojis short…

3. iJustine shows just how obessesed she is with emojis

2. Even the guys from Duck Dynasty use emojis!

1. And for those of you that need some tips and advice on how to use emojis, there is a guide for that…

And there is even a new trivia/word app game out that comprises emojis in a variety of categories and uses! Guess the Emoji is compiling numerous emojis to have you guess names, brands, movies, and so much more! And here you will find all of the Guess the Emoji answers and cheats!

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