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Published on October 28th, 2012 | by Key Reads


3 Fall Fitness Tips to Push Through the Chill

By Trinisha Richardson

It’s easy to fall into a slump as the season changes throughout Autumn with Winter approaching.  Many take this as an opportunity to slack off their fitness regimens as their bodies can be hidden underneath the layers of clothes in the cool.  The problem is that the exact opposite should be occurring.  If you lose your motivation to maintain a balanced fitness regimen, you are in turn throwing away all that you worked for that year.  Any progress that you’ve made goes right out the window.  These 3 fall fitness tips are to help you make the necessary changes to push through the chill of Fall and cold of Winter so that come Spring, you aren’t looking for a quick fix for Summer.

Plan Ahead

The keyword for this season is: busy.  This is the time of year where everything piles up at once.  You no longer have the free time you previously held during the summer, and the extra time you do have is diminishing by the second. Time management is key; this is why you should be planning.  Plan your weeks in advance, and most importantly, incorporate your fitness regimen into your schedule.  If you don’t, your fitness regimen will be the first thing to be dropped as you struggle to narrow your list of things to do.

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Adjust Your Regimen

You do have to adjust your regimen not only in relation to reduced time, but also, differences in weather.  Just like you have to adjust your diet (certain fruit and vegetables are now out of season as others move in), you have to adjust your regimen for convenience and practicality.  For example, you are less likely to be swimming in the cooler months than you were in the summer.  Maybe you could take advantage of the cooler weather, and go for a run.  Indoor options also work to your advantage as you will be spending less time outside during this time of year.  Yoga, Pilates, and various forms of strength training are good examples of this.

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We tend to sit more for longer periods of time in this part of the year.  Try to stay as active as possible, to maintain the strength and endurance that you’ve gained during all of the training through out the warmer months.

So avoid the the detrimental effects of sitting too much!

Stay Nourished & Hydrated

People tend to be less thirsty and eat more high carb and empty calorie foods during the colder seasons.  This means that they are dehydrated as well as overfed and undernourished.  Then, the dehydration makes them eat more, and the foods that they are more likely to choose make them sluggish decreasing their motivation to maintain their fitness.

Make sure you drink enough water as it will not only prevent bloating, but it will make you less hungry.  You should also choose healthier foods that makes sure you’re getting the proper vitamins and nutrients that your body needs.  This will ensure that you not only have the energy and motivation to complete your daily tasks, but also, make you more likely to maintain an active fitness regimen.

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