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Scary Movie 5 Set To Battle The Evil Dead Remake

scary movie 5

2013 is set to be a great year for films, with a handful of blockbuster sequels heading out between April and August. April, however, now has some competition geared up. Moving from an April 19th release, the long-awaited fifth entry to the Scary Movie franchise has been pushed up a week to April 19th to battle to the remake of Bruce Campbell’s ‘The Evil Dead’.

The last Scary Movie entry came out six years ago, and was the second highest rated film of the four released thus far (the original Scary Movie scoring 53%, Scary Movie 4 bringing in 37% via Rotten Tomatoes). Unlike previous movies however, Anna Faris will not be returning in the fifth installment, and is being seemingly replaced by Ashley Tisdale of High School Musical fame. Where the other films parodied mostly horror films, ‘Scary Movie 5’ will instead parody a fair mixture of multiple genres – a short list of the features being prodded at are 127 Hours, Black Swan, Paranormal Activity, The Hunger Games, and even Inception.

A horror movie it won’t be making fun of though is that of its now-competition, The Evil Dead remake being partially produced by Bruce Campbell, who starred in the originals. While the franchise saw a number of indirect and unofficial sequels, the remake is the most canon update to the series. Shiloh Fernandez (Red Riding Hood) is set to take over the main role. The film will follow a group of twenty-something year old friends who discover the Book of the Dead and unknowingly summon demons from the outside forests that then possess individuals within the group until only one remains to fight for survival.

Opening alongside the two films are Jackie Robinson biopic 42, and a new Tom Cruise film titled Oblivion.

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